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UPS and Backup

Power is a necessity for our day to day living, both at work and at home. When power outage happens in Kenya , it’s not just an inconvenience, it is an interruption to the way we live.

With a power backup for home and office, your power doesn’t stop when a power outage happens. You can have 6 – 8 hours of backup. The right backup will always deliver power during a blackout. 

We guide you on how to buy power backup in Kenya so that you get the right solution that will power your smile. 

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Get Started Guide

Power backups can be a complex topic for most people. We break it down to help you get started on power backup installation.

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Why Backup Makes Sense

Get to fully explore the potential of backups for you home or business, and have the right information to enable you make the decision.

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Cost of Backups

Full disclosure of the how much it costs to install a power backup, broken down by all its components and what to expect.

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All-in-One Backups

Check out all-in-one energy storage units that are plug and play for use at home & small businesses.

UPS Backup

Choose the most reliable UPS for offices, healthcare facilities, institutions, data centres.

Inverter Chargers

Check out top inverter-chargers of different ratings for your power backup system..


See the most reliable batteries that you should use for your power backup project.

Battery Box

Review storage boxes for keeping batteries contained and and your power installation safe and neat.